What Do We Mean by "Denz?"

Denz.TV consists of a family of 2110 Encoders and Decoders, all geared to helping professional content providers encode, decode and transport broadcast quality streams.

  • The DenzCoder family is our flagship. It consists of 10 bit and 8 bit encoding/decoding platforms. They are designed for high density SMPTE 2110 applications, and come in 1RU or 2RU formats. The unique strengths of the systems derive from their unique ability to enhance the performance of their very high speed network card(s). They can achieve ultra-low latency, 3 frames for encoding and 4 frames for decoding.
  • Our product line features the new RIST error correction protocol standard, and adds unique one-to-many and many-to-one "routing" options that will enhance your company's ability to route high quality streams to *all* the locations they need to go.

Who We Are

Denz.TV was founded by a number of talented technologists with a great deal of experience in networked multimedia streaming in particular. As we solidify the product line, you'll be seeing white papers on this site that further introduce ourselves and the technologies. Know us by our technologies! Our DenzCoder line features a unique ability to bypass the operating system for direct read/writes to the high speed network adapters.

For prices on products and services, feel free to contact us